Novice II
Status: New

Will Visible consider doing the following?


1) If a customer changes their Visible number, require them to delete their current eSIM, log out of the app, and log back in to get the new eSIM with the changed number.


2) Add extra security to accounts. When logging into a Visible account, allow a customer to get a passcode sent to their 2.1) Visible number, 2.2) Email on Visible account, 2.3) Other cell phone number, and 2.4) Other email address. Allow the customer to add any amount of other cell phone numbers and email addresses they use (require verification for each). Also consider adding extra security support with authenticator apps such as Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, and Google Authenticator.


3) If extra security for accounts becomes reality, allow the customer to generate a list of one-time disposal codes to be used in the event other security methods can’t be used for any reason.


4) Allow customers to delete their payment methods on their accounts, even if an account’s just got 1 payment method.


5) Introduce a Visible Premium service where customers can get 22GB of prioritized data, 720p streaming at LTE/5G/5G UW, and 22GB mobile hotspot for an extra $10/month?


6) Offer customers discounts on their bills if they use services from Verizon, Visible’s parent company.