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How about getting the list updated with more IMEI numbers so us that are on a budget don't have to buy a phone from Visible just to join. I bought a phone here in 2021 and even that showed not compatible but yet I was able to activate it on the new plan today. I was told by customer service back in October that the phone doesn't have the right technology for the new plans. I was also told Visible was working hard at getting as many from the old list as possible moved to the new. Both of those statements are false. It makes no sense that I can take that same noncompatible phone to Visible's parent company, Verizon, and it is compatible on their plans. It even works on every carrier I checked it with.


If a customer were to bring an unlocked phone here of the same make and model you sell here there should be no reason they should be denied a SIM card or have to buy a phone just to join. I think this needs to be looked into. 

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They make a lot of money selling their phones. The phone I was looking at was $150. Cheaper with twice the memory on the manufacturers web site.


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I was looking up some information on my 2022 G Power a week ago and of course the search I did brings up sales ads on them and Motorola even had that for $75 less than what Visible was selling it for. Bad thing is a Motorola phone you have to buy from Visible for it to be compatible from my research.


Sounds like Pixel might be a different story though. They may pass the IMEI checker even if you buy it somewhere else but I can't say for sure though. Just what I have read on Visible Reddit.

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I hope this is not true of Samsung phones. After two days fighting with visible and Verizon, I just purchased a new Ao3s directly from Samsung (unlocked) b/c Verizon refuses to unlock my Ao2s (they say it's unlocked, but it continues to give the message on startup that it cannot be used with another carrier and it won't recognize the Visible SIM card). Paid off the Ao2s and no holds on our now cancelled account. What a mess!!

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I am unsure about Samsung. I know Motorola for sure you have to buy it from Visible. After I talk to Motorola customer service they make models specific to Visible. Similar to the issue you are having with Verizon with your phone. Last night I spent about an hour searching for Samsung S21 and S22 phones to find some that had IMEI numbers listed just to see what would pass only found one unlocked S22 with the number listed and it did pass as compatible. I only did this as research as I am not interested in Samsung. 


It is a mess and Visible doesn't seem like they want to put any effort into fixing the issue. To me Verizon owns Visible, they switched from the cloud based system(the party is on it) to Verizon's core system(the new plans) there should be no reason they can't use the database that Verizon uses. It makes no sense but I am not an IT person or tech savvy at all so not sure why they don't use it.


I am done with Motorola anyway after buying my second one that I didn't need to comply with the new plan and found out they have the worst update program between the other three major companies. 


I did research Pixel a while back and wish I would have bought a 6A instead. I managed to find six or seven 6A, 7 and 7 Pro and every unlocked one that listed an IMEI number passed as compatible. So when I need a new phone I am getting a Pixel.


Let us know what you find out with the Samsung phone. I am curious.

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Do not rely on that list. I got the phone off Amazon, the same type they listed on Visible a few months back. Punched in the IMEI and got a welcome aboard message. Then I found out the hotspot and WiFi calling doesn't work. It shows error message with phone number to call. Many chat sessions with Live Agent and they had the audacity to ask me to call that number which is of course Verizon's. Later few exchange messages with the social media team, no solution and finally got an email saying that the phone is incompatible. I tried to punch in the same IMEI number to Visible and it said 'incompatible'.

Waste of time.