Android Watch support


Hey all, Im about done with Verizons overpriced service. I've been looking into Visible this week and it seems like a great option except for one thing. It looks like Samsung/Galaxy Watch support has been requested for yearrrssssss and still no update on that. Can anyone confirm what's going on here? is there any news? is there a way to force it to work? It's the only thing holding me as well as several friends and family from all joining this network. 


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The thing is, they probably don't know either. You know visible has unlimited hotspot you could pair your phone visible Bluetooth. Not sure what other options you have 

Novice II

I would be elated if Visible would take my money for a watch plan. Please, Visible -- your users want to make you richer.

Novice II

Here we are in May of 2024.  I was told by a rep on chat over two years ago that support for smartwatches other than Apple was coming.  Still waiting.  Yeah, I would upgrade to Visible+ if they would just let me put my Galaxy Watch Pro on the plan.