Anyone moved iPhone7 over from Walmart Family Mobile?

Really need unlimited data to work from home and Cox internet is horrible to say the least.


I've been with Walmart Family Mobile, currently with iPhone7.


Anyone know if I'll be able to port the device over to Visible? Is there anything I can do? I've never "unlocked" a phone.


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Hey there! Thank you for posting! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can definitely port over to Visible and bring your device if it is compatible with our service. You can check the compatibility of your device here: This being said, the device must be unlocked (Paid off) in order to be compatible. If your device is not compatible you can scroll through the many devices we offer on our website, or you could trade in your incompatible device for the ZTE Blade A3 Prime free of charge as long as you send your incompatible device within 14 days.

Confirmed, it is possible. There are some minor bugs in Visible's compatibility-checker web-app that prevent you from getting a straight answer. But I was able to do it. The account number you use for porting is not the account number that is used to pay your monthly bill with WFM but the same as the IMEI number associated with the device you're trying to reuse. Also, the activation ZIP code is the ZIP code you had on your mailing address with WFM when you activated SERVICE (not this particular device) with WFM. Truth will out ๐Ÿ™‚

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As long as it's paid off you should be able to port it. Make sure it is unlocked by the service provider.