Customer service


Tonight I had the pleasure of contacting customer service.    Let me tell you about my experience. 


Being in a hurry, I ordered an Esim for a phone I had here.  On a second account I ordered a new phone. The new phone updated and connected flawlessly.   The Esim for the old phone would only work on Wi-Fi.

I googled and tried everything suggested.   Reluctantly I contacted help.   The 1st rep I had was awesome.   I told them what I had tried and they didn't make me retry everything.   I lost the chat,  jumped back on and received a different rep.  Imagine the dread of starting over.. but I didn't have to.  The new rep got the transcripts and proceeded to help right where the previous agent was disconnected. 


My only disappointment is I didn't get to rate the 1st rep because of the lost connection.   


I won't know if my problem was resolved until I receive a physical Sim,  but I do know those two reps were above and beyond polite and helpful 


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There a re a few good agents but then some leave something to be desired. I am glad you found a good one to get the help you needed.


The minor issues I have had coming up on two years for the most part have been good. The last time about a month ago not so good. I couldn't sign into my account on my laptop or desktop using Chrome, contacted them, gave verification it was me, they looked at my account and said nothing was wrong. I argued and argued saying the logon screen goes into the Visible emoji face loop like it is loading and never loads so I couldn't type in my user name and password. Agent escalated it and got an email 15 minutes later saying nothing is wrong but yet it wasn't working. They had me try a different browser which Microsoft Edge did work and I hate that browser but at least I could look at my account other than the app which I also hate. Funny thing was 3 or 4 days later the Chrome browser could load the logon and I could sign into my account on that screen.


For the most part they are helpful but I hope you never find the few that will leave you hanging. Visible has been a good service provider to me otherwise, just CS sometimes leaves something to be desired.


I will say from where customer service used to be a few years ago I truly think it has improved.  I think they really do try and resolve your issues now.