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MODS: any news about if/when cashback for a Visible purchase is returning to Rakuten?


A few weeks ago getting cashback via a purchase through the Rakuten website would garner some cashback. Then, it was gone. Any schedule for this returning?


And any new deals with headphones or bluetooth speakers on the way? The Firestick promo is a no go with me.


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Hey there! Thank you for the participation by posting! 🙂 We don't work with third party sites in regard to getting cash back deals, however if this is something that has been working for you, that's great! We're always working on showing our appreciation to our members, so we highly recommend staying tuned via the Visible website and/or social media channels. @VisibleCare on Twitter & @VisibleMobile on Facebook.


Another great way to stay up to date, would be subscribing to the Visible newsletter if you haven't already which can be done by going to the Visible website: and scrolling to the bottom of the page and inputting your email address to the "Stay in the loop" section.


JN-I don't understand "We don't work with third party sites in regard to getting cash back deals". Can you please ask whoever is in charge of working with cashback sites what the futures plans are?



Also, any schedule for offering spiffs beyond the Amazon Firestick at this time?




Asking me to visit your social media sites & sign up for a newsletter feels redundant, as I am here in the Visible Community. 




The site has become overrun with people trying to get referrals, and actual viable useful info is few and far between here.




Are you suggesting I shouldn't look to the Visbile Community website for info on future deals? This to me is exactly where we should be looking for deals. 



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We hear you and understand that while this community can provide the best info at times, it's always in your best interest to confirm this information via the Visible website and/or our social media sites. 🙂


There's no word as to when or if there will be any cooperation with third party sites in regard to cash back deals. However, we do work with Blackhawk to provide our members a chance at receiving a Virtual MasterCard gift card of a certain amount depending on qualification which can be viewed here:


Any new information regarding promotions can also be found at the Visible website and/or newsletter so you can see it before anyone else that's not subscribed to the newsletter can. We're always here for you regardless! Thank you for posting! 🙂


I just visited and $20 cash back is now listed. 

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I don't use Rakuten but Swagbucks had 20.00 in swagbucks and now it has been cut to 10.