Phone purchased from Visible not able to unlock- forcing me to return to pay higher $


Not sure if anyone else encountered this before.....


I already have Visible for 3 months and finally decided to upgrade my iphone and saw that visible had a sale on their iphone 13 pro. So I purchased it but now they CANNOT unlock/activate their own phones?!?!? The worst part is that they are asking me to return the phone (3 days later...since they are working on the issue). Literally already spent hours waiting for all different agents to try to resolve this issue.


I chat with another agent again and they said I need to buy a new phone on their website but now the price is no longer on sale and the agent said I need to pay the NEW price $400 more?!? Does this even make sense? It's one thing if it's a phone issue and I have to do an exchange but to force me to return but won't honor my sale price is a whole another level.


Plus the phone came from Visible- why would they not be able to unlock or activate?!? Bought the phone a week ago and still not able to use it.


Currently pending a higher management support if there is one. 




Novice II

I’m having the same issue. Bought a phone from Visible but they cannot activate it. Will not unlock it so I could go to another carrier. Say I must return the phone.