My apologies


Well, my first 36 hours with Visible were hellish to say the least. My phone was always in SOS Only mode. Since I could not get a resolution I decided I would go to a Verizon store and port my number back to them because I had lost a day’s worth of business. The V rep found two eSIMs had been loaded on my phone. He deleted the one that was not my number and Visible has worked fine since. Unless something mucks up again I think I’ll hang out a while and enjoy a much less expensive bill.



Remember, you get what you pay for. I would leave now. If your email gets compromised then you can say by by to ever getting back into your visible account to make changes. THEY ONLY USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to verify it’s you. So if you use 2 step verification on a lot of your accounts with the phone number provided then you might as well say goodbye to all your business accounts because you will never get back into them again. Completely will change your life and lose a lot of money.