Requesting Speedtests from any Visible users in Pennsylvania


More specifically users who might be in the York, Adams, Lancaster counties of PA and/or Frederick, Carroll, and Baltimore counties of MD (or thereabouts). I’m looking for some dl speeds and ping times.



Additional info: Current Verizon user and partner both with iPhone 6s’s looking to upgrade to iPhone 13 or 13 Pros. We have good Verizon coverage and are usually connected to a fairly speedy wifi connection at home. My concern is dropped calls or things like that as I need my phone for work. We live about 150 miles from Newark, NJ which it sounds like where a server is located so I’m hoping for decent ping times. It would be nice to not have to worry about data usage though and the lower bill would be nice as well. Any info is appreciated!



Phone connectivity has been fairly consistent in the Caroll County area. It has been on average about 25 Mbps down and 3-4 up. If rely on a hotspot because you are in a rural zone, you are going to be out of luck as I've been getting dial-up like speeds lately during peak hours and only goes up to near hotspot cap speeds late evenings. I'm somewhat disappointed since the speeds were getting better until about a month ago. 20 minutes to download a 90MB work-related file isn't exactly ideal.