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Customer Advocacy and Integrity

So man when you receive an email stating that it's from Verizon and its customer advocacy team and you input your information for them to call you but they don't call you that tells you something about what exactly are the advocating not necessarily ...

SoMan by Novice
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New terms & conditions

So I just got the email with the mandatory notification of any changes in terms of service and after reading it through I'm rather appalled. I'm with Visible because they offer a great price-I'm on the $35 plan for almost a year now and I have two li...

US Virgin Islands (St Thomas/St John) FAIL for Visible+

Just returned from a week in the US Virgin Islands and if you are planning on traveling there DO NOT rely on your Visible service for calls/data/navigation. Phone is a Pixel 8 Pro with Visible + plan and after a week of service that was virtually non...

Kudos to Visible

I have to say ... I was concerned when I saw the ad for Visible last week, aired in No. California, especially by a Hollywood actor ... I never trust anything out of Hollywood. Was it too good to be true? I had been a satisfied Verizon Wireless custo...


I am sick and tired of the way I have been treated by Visible! I have a phone, that I bought and went with your services two years ago, and went with Visible. You accepted my phone, and the transfer from Verizon, was very easy. I turned my phone on, ...

Visible Plans

Can you switch plans at any time without a penalty? As an example, I am on the regular visible plan and pay $25 a month. If I move up to the visible Plus and don't like it, can I move back to my regular visible plan for $25?

JSinbad by Novice II
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Verizon on US Mobile

Has anyone compared Visible to US Mobile's $20/mo plan. Apparently there is a choice to use Verizon services. I've read that there is ample data and even roaming voice and data in Canada.

KRS03 by Novice III
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