Switching plans




my wife and I are currently with Verizon and paying too much. We have phones that we are making payments on. 

what is the process for us to get switched over? 



Novice III

Switching is not too tricky, but I would recommend porting your number first and then your wife's number (or hers first and then yours). If you need a phone, shop for one from Visible. You will qualify for credits/rewards for switching carriers ($200 gift card for some new phones). If you don't need a phone, then just sign up for a plan here https://www.visible.com/shop/bring-your-own-device. During checkout, enter the code 33MTDC8 to get your first month for $5. You can sign up for an eSIM if your phone is compatible. If not, then you can order a SIM that they will send to you overnight. If you don't own your phone outright from Verizon, then you will have to pay off the remaining amount to get out of the contract. You will also have to ask Verizon to unlock your phone after you pay the fee to Verizon. You will need your Verizon account number and pin. Verizon will tell you those things to help you port your number. They will probably try to get you to stay by offering a discounted rate, but ultimately, they won't be able to compete with Visible's prices.


Once you join, you can then join up with a group or form your own. This will make sure that you get your service for just $25/month. (It will look like they will charge you $40/month after your first month at $5, but once you are in a group that will immediately drop to $25.) I'm in a great group with over 2,500 people. If you want to join our group, you can. Just go to https://visible.com/p/Ollanketo to join. This will drop your rate from $40/month to $25. Once you get transferred over, then you can get your wife to come over. Visible will provide you with a referral code to give to her so that she can get her first month of service for $5 and then you will get service for just $5 for a month. Feel free to ask me questions or DM me.