Upgrading Plans - AutoPay / WiFi Calling


For those of you that are upgrading to the newer plans from the unlimited plan couple of items to be aware of:


1) Autopay:  Look closely in your app as you may have to reenable this.  Would hate for users to get their account suspended for nonpayment if you are used to using autopay.


2)WIFI Calling:  You may have to set this on your phone again.  I have an apple Iphone and needed to enable it again.  It helps to be signed in on your phone via a web browser into your account.  Otherwise you may have to enable it twice.  I had that experience with an IPhone X


3) When upgrading, using an IPhone, when you insert the new sim card click dismiss on the activation popup that shows up.  Go back into the Visible app to complete your upgrade (agree to prorated charges for the upgrade) then reboot.  If you wait for the activation screen to disappear, you may be waiting for a very long time. 😉


Other than the above items, the upgrade to the basic plan from the legacy unlimited plan went very from my perspective.  Ping times and speeds seem to be better than what I was getting when I first checked when getting the service back in January.




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