Visible at Walt Disney World

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My wife and I visit WDW all the time, but due to the pandemic, we are on our first trip here this week. 


My last trip, I used Metro and then Cricket before that. My wife has always had Verizon Proper (post paid). I can go ahead and say Visible doesn't work nearly as well as those, at least in the resort areas.  However, it's not really working any worse than my wife's postpaid account! 


Location: Pop Century Resort


Current Speeds: ping under 100ms, actually the lowest I have seen it in a while. Speeds 4 down 1 up. Nothing to write home about but usable. My wife was having issues using Google Duo, mine worked fine, but I'm sure her issues were also due to the slow speeds on VZE


Indoor Coverage: pretty full coverage, nothing to worry about there.


I'll keep updating this thread for anyone interested throughout our trip! I know folks worry about their devices on vacation!


Overall though, Visible isn't performing the best but also not much worse than my wife's postpaid and it's working without issues, just a tad slow. One thing I've noticed in the past, the parks usually have better speeds so we will see there! 


Note: this is pandemic Disney so much lower crowds! Something worth tossing around



Great thread, @devin37354! My wife and I were at Downtown Disney last fall during the pandemic and can see we also didn't experience any significant performance issues compared to other services.

While it was during the pandemic, there were a good amount of people roaming Downtown Disney with long lines to the shops and such... ๐Ÿ™‚

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Not had as much time to post as I would have liked but here are some results so far

Magic Kingdom: Data has been very usable with speeds of 15Mbs+ at all times. It does fluctuate but never been slower than 15Mbs.  Plenty of speed for Duo, Facetime, IG post and so on. The my Disney app works great


Epcot: pretty much same experience as Magic Kingdom. No issues with congestion or data


Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom so more results from there soon! 





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I hope you all are having a good time! I've looked at the coverage and they have quite a few small cells there. The only issue is the amount of people coming to disney atm seems to be causing congestion from what I'm hearing. 

It actually wasn't that bad congestion wise. Still usable! I never had under 5Mbps down. I know that's not great but is still very usable!

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I was very impressed with service all around Disney World and it was actually about as crowded as it normally is this time of year. Not really any congestion. Speeds very usable. 


Very impressed! This was actually my first time using visible outside of my home area. Well I take that back, I used it at the outer banks during the off season and it worked very well there as well


I know going on vacation, everyone wants a reliable service and Visible was plenty reliable! No issues using LYFT, myDisney App, and other apps essential to travel!