New terms & conditions


So I just got the email with the mandatory notification of any changes in terms of service and after reading it through I'm rather appalled. 


I'm with Visible because they offer a great price-I'm on the $35 plan for almost a year now and I have two little hiccups to my giving them a rating above 4 stars. 


First, I converted my husband over and we both received the bonuses as described in the referral program. However, my husband tells me he's only paying $30/month and has been this whole time but yet he's on the same plan I have. 


Second, this new TOS literally states at any time, for any reason, no matter what - they can choose to raise the costs of the plans and more. 


Living in a world driven by consumer loyalty, and now where many companies -including Verizon-have pledge 3 year-no increase standards on majority of their plans. 




I guess I'm just wondering how long we have till this pricing tier gets taken for a more expensive route. 



Intermediate III

Which plan are you on and are you sure your husband is on the same plan? Do you have a watch plan added? I ask because a year ago the base plan was priced $30, if he has the plus plan it would not be possible to pay $30 unless he has an iPhone watch plan added, got the plus plan with the $35 promo and has been accruing friends and family codes. Just to point out that the base plan was lowered to $25 last August so if you are both on that plan you should contact customer service and they will lower the price.


I will point out that the disclosure for just about every promo have something on the line that reads Visible has the right to terminate this offer at any time with or without notice so nothing is permanent. It may take a few years but at some point down the road I could see a price increase of $5, there are inflation costs over the years and at some point it will go up.


At the very discount price they are giving us I think it would be very naive to believe that it will never change. This is a business after all!