Website glitchy, order delayed


Hi, ordered my phone 3 days ago (14th). The website was very glitchy. Had to redo my payment method multiple times before it went through for a new account and phone. Now I'm not seeing the charge on my bank account. Wondering if the order went through at all. It shows it did on this account but I was expecting to have the phone by now. Any guidance would be appreciated. 



This is my new verified account with a new email. So Gmail is the problem? All gmail gets lost in your system? This is hard to believe and has cost me hours of frustration and still no phone or help!


Hey @JRD @Treetalker - sorry for all the issues you've been experiencing. While I'm not aware of any ongoing issues with the website, I would recommend you send a direct message to Visible support so that you can get taken care of.

You can message @VisibleCare on Twitter, use the chat on or send them a message on Facebook Messenger... 

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Like I mentioned in the other thread, multiple services have been having issues due to the storm affecting large data centers around America.  Also, the storms have slowed down UPS and FedEx.  Both carriers have, or did have disclaimers on their website about this.  Even if you aren't around the winter storms, or TX, it's very possible you will still notice these issues