Website so glitchy


Is anyone experiencing the same void I am with the website? I've tried to order a phone with a new account since the 14th and have gotten nowhere! Every page on the website gets frozen or leads me to dead end. Please help



Hey @Treetalker - so sorry you've had trouble with this... I personally haven't heard of a widespread issue that's currently present on the website nor have I had any issues myself...

I'd recommend you send a direct message to Visible support so that you can get taken care of.

You can message @VisibleCare on Twitter, use the chat on or send them a message on Facebook Messenger... 

You could also try a different browser, internet connection, computer etc if you haven't already to help identify where the breakdown may be...

Intermediate III

@Treetalker working in IT, I know the winter storms have affected a lot of data centers around, creating issues for a lot of different services, brands, sites, and other infrastructure.  While I haven't personally had any issues with the Visible site, I have had issues with other services recently.  A lot of this also depends on your location


Can you describe leading to a dead end a little more?  The frozen pages could be due to the issues I spoke of about data centers, but the dead ends sound more like we might be able to point you in the right direction. 



If you have ad blockers turned on and/or use Windscribe for sole/additional ad blocking, turn them off for the Visible website. I noticed they interfere with the basic functionality of the webpage. You might also want to check your VPN if you use that as well.