Why is your website nonfunctional?


I have been trying to find information about your plans, but your website coding is faulty. I get a persistent popup signed "connai" that only allows me to check an item from a list that doesn't contain any helpful items and can't be closed. It also doesn't point to an actual person or "smart" AI. It just covers half the screen and won't go away. 


This indicates you didn't do a thorough job of testing your interface. I am surprised because you are using 25 trackers on it so I thought you would have harvested more than enough information to improve it. But perhaps ease of use and potential customer satisfaction isn't your goal.


Upshot? I have little confidence in a company whose face-front "Let's have your business" web presence is so broken. If the important stuff is this messed up what else is wrong?


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When you get "Connai" keep typing "live agent"... she'll insist she can help but eventually she'll artificially catch on and you'll get a "live agent" and then the fun begins.

This is just a customer-to-customer support forum with some minimal Visible moderation to maintain decorum - ain't nobody here but us chickens and then there's not much any of us can do about administrative or billing issues. Another source of information/help is the Visible subreddit and some Visible Care support may weigh in over there.

Visible isn't for everyone - particularly if you need a lot of hand holding but if you're self-sufficient & somewhat technical it's tough to beat $25 unlimited if you're in the right location (or even $45 Visible + if in the right location).

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I love how the responder below accused OP of being a person who need a lot of hand holding. OP obviously knows more regarding website programming than whoever posted that snarky comment. I agree with OP that Visible website is full of ridiculous and useless script. Whoever programmed it doesn't deserve a pay rise.

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Actually, no snark was intended but rather a simple statement of fact; for all intents and purposes Visible's support whether via its Connai AI robot or through its outsourced chat support is often poor and it's better if customers are "self-sufficient". Some might even describe it as non-existent. Similarly there was no accusation. Only the OP can make the determination as to whether Visible support is adequate for him. It's but one way they keep their costs low and it appears he's trying to decide whether Visible is right for him or not.

However, as a web developer myself this doesn't appear to be a web programming issue that the OP has described (at least to the extent it's been described it); it's one I frequently encountered myself  and is routinely attributed to users having their display size scaled at something over 100% either at the operating system level or via a setting in their browser. The result is that sometimes the an embedded window control element (e.g close or minimize buttons) is displayed outside of the current view port with no way to get to it. Depending on how that scaling is implemented, developers may or may not be aware of it through the java script api. Most of the scaling tweaks in the operating system and browsers recommend leaving the scaling at 100% to ensure the site displays as designed.

Yes I would agree that Visible's web site includes too much unnecessary java script making the site "unusable" for many, especially those that are visually challenged or otherwise challenged. They should simply keep it simple to ensure maximum accessibility unless  java script is otherwise needed. I suspect Visible may also outsource its web site support in an effort to keep costs down also. Outsourced web developers often want to demonstrate their java script prowess at the expense of usability. 

Prospective customers should take all of this into account when evaluating Visible - as noted it's not a good fit for everybody. That low cost unlimited plan comes with some disadvantages and limitations that haven't even been addressed here.

As for plans there are two. See: https://www.visible.com/plans Just don't click on the Chat button at the bottom of the page but do click on the https://www.visible.com/legal/legal-disclosures.html link under the plans if you're interested in Visible.