bisible doesn't care about accessibility!

Visible doesn't care nor follow best accessibility practices!  Accessibility isn't built into its apps or websites.  Visible doesn't follow the WCAG2.0  standards.  Their iOS app is not optimized for voiceover accessibility.  The drop down box where you have to pick the reason why you are chatting is not accessible and hasn't been accessible for over a year.  When attempting to upgrade to the "new" visible plus plan that screen is not fully accessible with voiceover.  another issue  is  unless you are in the chat you don't know when an agent has sent a response.    Imagine my surprise when I was looking at an alternative carrier last night and I found there chat was 10000 percent accessible.  It read every message I sent aftger pressing enter and read every agent response when it came in.  If other companies can make accessibility a priority  so could Visible but they don't and their actions prove they don't care!  There is one problem with this it is illegal!  


so the unlimited hotspot still doesn't work  on more than one device on my best friends account.  More over in looking at other companies I decided to see are other companies as bad as Visible with accessibility?   could I successfully and quickly chat with a human?  why yes I could.  Could I choose my reason for chatting in?  Why yes I could.  Can I get a sound to play because   being totally blind you aren't going to see the flashy thing that pops up.  Yep see another companies statement on accessibility.


  Oh and BTW to turn  on the chat sound you simply go into chat settings.  it says "play sound off" you just press enter.  All messages are automatically read by a screen reader when both sent and received.  And they actually have "accessibility experts and an email to contact them should you find something they missed.  If only Visible had this level of commitment to accessibility for all they would be 10 stars!  Note this is being posted after more than a year of complaining numerous times about Visibles accessibility.  When you can't pick the reason you want to chat in its a problem!  When you can't independently upgrade your plan even though you have an iPhone which has the best accessibility for a blind person because it isn't accessible because Visible failed to follow the WCAG guidelines and make it fully accessible with Voiceover.  When you can't successfully shop in the app because it is  not accessible with Voiceover!  These are major issues!  Visible has shown through their actions it is not a priority for them to fix these problems!!!