Timeline for Visible to make newly issued phones compatible


Anyone have info on how long it can take for newly issued phones (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 in my case) to be added as compatible devices on Visible? Seems like they have to get approval/programming(?) from the manufacturers before providing activation and the major companies are first in line. I'm hoping it will be less than two weeks. Anyone experienced this already? Is two weeks realistic?


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Never is more realistic. If you didn't buy it from Visible it may never get added. You would have to contact customer service to see if they will add it but don't expect any cooperation from them. Some have said new iPhones that show not compatible if you do to the BYOD option at Verizon and run it through it may transfer in a day or two to Visible, one here has mentioned it works for Android phones but it certainly didn't work for mine. You can try but don't expect a miracle.

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In my case it took over a year for mine to show up and was an unlocked US model phone bought at a big box retailer.. However, see:


In my case it appeared to show up shortly after I used the Verizon compatibility checker. Contrary to what you may read there it has been reported elsewhere as also working but may depend on actual phone model/IMEI - YMMV and I could never confirm that was the actual trigger for mine showing up as compatible. It may have been simply coincidental. Regardless, it's worth a shot and stranger things have happened with Visible. This forum and subreddit are so lightly used it's hard to get any empirical evidence outside of isolated experiences. What works for one, doesn't for another and vice versa.


Haha, same problem here with the Z Flip 5. I have spent hours chatting and messaging on Facebook. They keep saying you have to check the IMEI checker. Then they say that whether my phone is compatible depends on the specifics of each phone and that some Z Flip 5 will be compatible and others will not. I checked with Samsung and they verified that every US unlocked Z Flip 5 is identical in relevant hardware and software. 


I feel like I am talking to a 1980s chat bot than can only say 4 things. No matter what I say or ask, I get one of those 4 answers. Like you, I am trying to find a way to remain a Visible customer and basically being told to take a hike. 


For what it is worth, I had a related experience. Ages ago I wanted to move my family to Visible but I was told that my OnePlus 5t was not compatible. They said the 7 Pro was, so I got one and it worked find. I got divorced and found someone new, so I have it to my fiance's daughter. We signed up with Visible, and now the 7 Pro is not compatible. I know it was because I used it on Visible for years. Honestly, what is the deal?