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Magenta network is 5G swiss cheese

On the tv commercials the magenta network looks like the whole state of Ohio is covered in 5G. But zoom in and you see a different story. Zoom into your home address because that's where you're going to use it most. When it was the yellow Network we ...

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Is Visible an Evo-legal ISP?

I posted a tweet that asked a question of the fighting game community. Visible Wireless is a sponsor of Evo video game fighting tournaments. Unfortunately for people like me in data deserts, it's against EVO rules to use a wireless connection in Evo ...

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2-Days and counting

Been waiting multiple days for help. Currently in my 10th chat session with a promised call but still no one has called me. Seriously, how does anyone get help? Ref id zero three two three three six five six

Party Names

How about the ability to change the name of our party? The party pay plan started with a limit of just 4 members, so many of the party names were personalized. But now party groups are unlimited. We should have the choice to change the name of our pa...

final thoughts on visible

Okay I'm hoping that someone at corporate will read it and actually implament and fix all issues. What is good? 1 price the ability to get your bill for $5 a month is awesome. Unlimited hot spot and unlimited data when it works is awesome. An awesome...

Pro-internet Voters Debate forum

If you were going to base your federal and state and local votes on what is best for you for the internet this is the topic to do it in. I eventually found out later that I was screwed by the regulations put into place of the federal 2010 Broadband A...

56ok by Novice III
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