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Let's chat about customer service!

I was told Visible monitors these forums and I hope they do and actually read this. But I'm not holding my breath! Just spent over 2 hours chatting on FB messenger and still have not got my issue fixed. Only thing that surprised me was I got a respon...

skibik by Superuser
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Worst customer service ever

I have had no service for past several days and customer service was not able to do anything but making things worse. Here is my story. On 11/16, I started to have no data on my phone. I followed all the steps from auto diagnosis like upgrade phone s...

My review

Been 3 days since porting number over to visible from t mobile and I couldn’t be happier, I have had no issues, I can receive and make calls, I can receive and send text with out any issues.The speeds are not what I had on t mobile but they are good ...

rbsoh by Novice III
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I think Verizon should shut down Visible!!!

Since Verizon owns Visible and the customer service is non existent why not just shut Visible down and transfer these plans over to Verizon! Why not offer these plans straight from Verizon? Does Verizon actually need a separate company to sell a chea...

skibik by Superuser
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Side-by-Side Comparison

After my saga in signing up for and activating the new Visible plan ($30) - see https://community.visible.com/t5/Need-help/Caveat-Emptor/td-p/25032, I've been doing a side-by-side comparison of the old legacy Visible Unlimited plan and the new Visibl...

BobT by Superuser
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Apple iPhone upgrade program

I’m currently part of the iPhone upgrade program through apple but now that I have switched out of Verizon into Visible I will not be able to be part of that program. I figured I would mention that here just in case anyone had questions or needed to ...

Signal Loss

I joined Visible in 2019. Since then, I've convinced my dad; 7 coworkers, their wives and kids; my best friend, his wife and their three kids; my best friend's mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their kids; two of my best...

phaedra by Novice
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