2 factor failure, vanishing chat


Got a notification letting me know my automatic payment didnt go through. no problem. went to pay jt off, or at least that's what i thought before 30 minutes have passed and I've gotten nowhere. Upon landing on Visible and attempting to sign in, I'm prompted (forced) to set up 2 factor verification. ok, no problem. except I havent gotten a single text message code to verify my account, after refreshing the page, resending codes, checking my spam folder, etc etc etc. so now I clearly cant pay my bill or change payment methods or anything at all really. so then of course, I go to the chat. after a moment (like 5 seconds) of no activity the page fully whites out. i battled with this page just as hard as I did with the 2 factor set up. no matter how quickly i went to choose a category and type literally anything in the box, the screen just completely turns white with nowhere for me to click or input any information at all. even when i quickly chose a category in the drop down, typed some random characters to hit start chat, and nope that didnt work either. so i tried the email, you know, like how most normal companies also have an option to contact for exactly this situation. and it blows my mind that I keep having technical issues with the site, like pretty much every single month. at this point i just want to pay my bill, its insane how its been an hour of me tinkering and setting up my account here and typing all this out, like sure $25 is a great deal but maybe I should go back to somewhere with a well designed website and more reliable contact methods. i work as a mailcarrier in a dangeous part of town, my phone and the way i can get help for it is crucial for my safety. 


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We’re you trying to chat on the app on your phone?  If you’re using your gone, you may want to try on a computer. I’ve had better luck there, at least getting through to chat.


Login from laptop on visible.com or contact visible through Facebook messenger or Twitter.

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