Calling problems - one Visible phone to another not working


Recently ported two phones from TMobile to Visible.  Bother phones received and send calls, except one phone will not ring the other of ours.   The calls attempts buy rings busy.   


Have tried to reset the network, factory reset, ensured SIMS are out of Tmobile phones and those phones are off, toggled airplane mode, rebooted many times, and more.   Also drove out of the cell area, and turned the phones off for about 20 minutes, and back on, to possibly reconnect to better towers - no luck.


Anyone have a solution?   



Hi @gregmclain17 ,

Short of making sure that your Android or iOS is up-to-date along with all the apps on your phone, I think you will need to contact Visible Customer Service to get the issue sorted out.

Please do let us know how it goes and if it's sorted out or not after chatting with them.

Ryan Blake - Information Technology Leadership Professional | Superusers are not employees of Visible, but are users just like you.
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