2-step verification but lost phone


I lost my phone and am looking into ordering a new one, but I've come across a major issue. I need 2-step verification to log into my Visible account (to switch phones), but I currently don't have a phone to verify. When I try to use the Contact Us feature, it wants me to log into my account first. I don't think I have an email setup to verify. Help?


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You don't have to sign in to contact customer service by chat. On the sign in page click the little blue box in the bottom righthand corner of the page, that will open the chat box. Type agent or you just get a robot. You can also send messages on Facebook messenger or Twitter, those icons/links can be found in the bottom righthand corner of this page. They also can be reached on the Reddit page by messaging them. I did get a fast response on Reddit but in the past I have used Facebook messenger but noticed that now says response within a day when it said hours before.



Once you get a hold of them explain your situation and they will temporarily disable your 2FA. Once you get a new phone you will likely have to ask again to activate the phone because I think they only disable for 24 hours but not sure.


Have you logged in another device earlier? If you have then you could try to log in to your account using that device.


I am sorry you need to go through this. Hopefully Visible will take this scenario as learning and not to have other customers face such conditions.


Please update us how the interaction with customer service went.

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