Any Way to Input Apartment Addresses Correctly?

I posted about this in the Feedback forum, but it doesn't seem like there's really any activity there, so I figured I'd post about it here. When I try to enter my address, it changes the word "Apt" or "Apartment" to "Unit," and I have no way to override this word change. Fedex thinks the address is wrong and returns to sender, so I have no way of getting a SIM card sent to me. I've tried using both the website and app, using a "Private" browser window, and so on. I even tried adding my address on Google Maps, and still nothing. Is there any trick to input apartment addresses with the correct labeling? This is just crazy. I've never seen a problem like this on countless websites before.


Update: I tried another address, this time a business address. Visible's app and website still change the word "Suite" to "Unit," so Fedex says the address is incorrect. I don't get how it's possible to have anything delivered from Visible to anywhere like this. Just forget about this company; there's nothing they can do correctly, not even something as basic as address input.