U.S. Bank Verification SMS


Since switching to Visible two days ago, I have been unable to receive verification code SMS from U.S. Bank.  All other text messages are coming through.  All other verification codes from other institutions are coming through.  I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Steps taken to date:

-reinstalled Visible app

-deleted and reinstalled eSIM

-power cycled phone numerous times

-reset network settings on phone

-performed factory reset on phone


I've confirmed with the bank that they messages are being sent on their end and my phone number is registered correctly in their system, so the issue must be on Visible's end.


Chat has so far been unsuccessful in solving my issue.  It gets escalated, then I receive an email that it's been solved.  Still unable to send or receive any messages from the U.S. Bank short code number.


I guess I'll continue working with chat and escalations, but not sure how much more patience I have for this.  Very unhappy after just two days and will likely transition back to another provider if this continues.


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Since you are getting regular texts I read there was one other step to try about the 2FA codes. Try texting TRANSACT to 67777 I read that could possibly clear it up.


We're in the same boat, different banks. 10 weeks in.  SMS messages down multiple days.  Multiple chats.  Keep getting kicked off.  One bank locked us out altogether and we needed to wait for a code to be physical mailed. Switching to Visible has been an epic disaster.