Anyone tried to get actual help from someone at this company?


I have now been working on a "case" with Visible for over 6 hours. 


My Hotspot wil not work.  Or, maybe it kinda does. works now for the chromebook, or for my desktop.  But NOT for my laptop.  WHY?


Why would it work with some PC's and not others?  I sure don't know and neither does anyone at Visible.


Worse still - this "app" that you must use to communicate with them.  That is a major reason why this has gone on for 6+ hours.  It is SO BUGGY.


I feel like this App is very poorly designed.   Freezes often - several of my chats just ended with no warning.  Then it will ask you if you want to leave feedback.  If you try to leave feedback you will get "this operation could not be completed.  Please try after sometime" (some time is NOT supposed to be one word - does anyone at this company check up on what these app developers are doing).


I had to re-boot my phone after a chat session would end.  I recorded my experiences using another phone and I would like to share it with someone at Visible so they can see what it is like to be one of their customers.  BUT - they do not have a way for you to interact with them unless you are willing to use Facebook - which I am not.


This is unacceptable and I will be looking for a different provider ASAP.


In order to save this, I had to put a label (what is a label?  Seems like a "tag" but they call it a lablel).  It should be labeled APP and Hotspot, but neither of those are in their pre-defined list of labels.  Yet more evidence of how poorly this whole thing was constructed - hard coded tags are a bad design decision.


PS - I had the word l a m e in here (put those 4 letters together) in the place where the word "unacceptable" is now and when I went to save this post it was flagged for a "bad" word.  Now that's l a m e.





Can understand how frustrating that could be. 


It is interesting that you mention hotspot, are you trying to use a hotspot device or your phone.  If it is a hotspot device, I don't think Visible supports that. 


Also I believe that only one device can be connected via HotSpot at a time, are you sure that you are only trying to connect one at a time.  Wonder if you are trying to connect multiple in quick succession that the system is not realized one is disconnected?



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I am sorry that you feel this way.
In order to understand your query. Could you please answer for the questions below.

1) Which mobile are you using?
2) How many devices you are trying to connect using hotspot?
3) How many devices the hotspot work at a time?
4) What devices the mobile hotspot doesn't work?
6) Have you tried connecting only the device for which hotspot is not connecting (meaning no other devices connected to the hotspot)?

Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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This is an example of things I can’t stand. “How many devices the hotspot work…”. What the heck (bc the alternate is “bad”) does that mean? If you’re selling to an English speaking population why not hire people that speak English? Most issues would’ve been resolved in half the time if there wasn’t a communication barrier constantly! I was told earlier I was “being shared”.  I asked who to and they said “yes”. Like cmon! 

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@bbickar You are not alone my friend. Having to use the chat for support creates many problems. No one single representative owns the issue. You get a new rep every time you contact them.  So you have to explain the situation every time. When it gets escalated to a higher level of support, you have no way to communicate with them. You only receive an email indicating it's been fixed. When it's not fixed, you can't reply to the email. You can't let that second tier rep know it didn't work. So, the next 2nd tier rep picks it up again and does the same thing. I've been through 3 iterations of that process. They don't tell you specifically what was wrong, only that they did something on the back end. It would be nice if you could chat directly with the 2nd or even 3rd tier because the current method drags the process out.


Good luck with getting your issue resolved.

You nailed it.  That would mean actually providing real customer service.  And, this means they can claim ignorance when they are required to report their service level issues to the FCC.  

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I could not agree more!!!  It's obvious they don't keep any logs of when you call in so the helpless desk can look at the issues so we don't have to repeat everything each time.  I get different answers every time to the same issues.  I'm a new customer but already so sick of the absolute horrible support.  I'm probably going to take my phone into a Verizon store and demand some help since they own Visible anyways.  I have another Verizon phone which is my main phone.  


There is no sense of pride from companies in supporting their products anymore.  I used to work for Sprint, which at one time was one of the "big 3".  There is no company too big to fail.  Just sayin.

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Hi! I’m dealing with all this right now. I’ve been waiting hours for a call back in the midst of a time crunching emergency requiring hotspot. Third person said within an hour, fourth says 48 and there’s no way it’ll be sooner. 

The labels irritated me also. It’s kind of interesting that customer service, help, slow, and anything perceived as being negative aren’t available for use. Maybe if your service wasn’t horrible you’d be able to list it as an option, Visible! I understand you get what you pay for, but just like everywhere else these days, customers don’t matter. And Visible makes it blatantly obvious. Keep up the good work Visible! Once my next payment is due I too am switching, after years of service. Over it. 

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Yep, there really is no customer service with Visible.  The absolutely ridiculous hold times just to chat with someone could be 1 to 3 hours and then when you do get someone, they aren't trained on how to really help you.  They ask you to repeat things over and over and over again.  I think they are trained on how to wear you down than to actually help people.