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Since Visible uses Verizon 4-5G LTE, will I be able to connect my Arlo Go camera to my new Visible phone line? 


This question has not been answered online to my knowledge. It's tricky because the Arlo Go uses a Verizon SIM card. I should be able to add my Arlo Go as an additional line (it has its own "phone number") but I can't seem to find the answer. 


Thanks for any help!


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Try and let us know of your experience!

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Superuser Founder

I don't believe Visible has added data plans for the Arlo Go, but you can chat with customer service to be sure.  Also, I'd suggest you post your suggestion at Visible | Feedback  I've been told that Visible monitors that forum to review how to expand services.  If this was helpful, please mark it as a solution.

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