Why did they charge me an extra $10 after I paid my bill… on time and then have the nerve to say my 6 month promo ended but it’s only been 5 months. Gerault clearly doesn’t know his job and then he gets some guy to call claiming to be a supervisor but he was just as incompetent 

telling me he’s been busy like I’m supposed to care. Worst customer service EVER! 


I get being upset and the need to bash Visible but you didn't state if Visible said what the $10 charge was for. Do you have or did you an Apple watch plan? On the base plan the current price is $10 a month and billed separately if you happened to have paid annually. If you have been with Visible for at least 5 months and on Visible plus you were on the old plus version, did you upgrade to version 2(the current plus plan) because if you did that you would lose any discounts that you had previously. It has been only 5 months but did you count month one of the 6 month discount. You might be paying for month 7 because this is a prepaid service, I might suggest you look at your payment history on your account and see how many payments were actually made at the discounted price. 


Also, just about every disclosure says they can end any discount with or without notice. I don't see them doing that but it is at their discretion to do so. 



I am sorry that you had this experience, please elaborate on what is the charge for? If it is for the Apple watch as mentioned in the earlier comment. Please check your plan. Also the promo begins when you first pay aka prepaid.

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