Can't access website - 403 FORBIDDEN


I have been trying to pay my bill  for 4 days now and I either get a 403 or 404 FORBIDDEN error.  No access from either of 2 browsers on my phone, 3 browsers on iPad or 2 browsers from laptop.  I get emails just fine warning me to pay my bill but the "MAKE A PAYMENT" link gets me to 403 error.  Could somebody post a phone number, please cuz I can't find one of those either.  If this situation is due the hack, and the website was removed or is blocking, that might be a good thing to know.  I can, (obviously), access the community site which doesn't help me interact with my Party or pay my bill.  Please advise.




Hey there! I am sorry for the trouble you had with logging into your account. Our Care team will be best able to assist you here; please reach out by chatting on our site, tweeting @visiblecare or sending a DM to @Visible on Facebook. -LS