Cannot get Visible to approve a phone order


I have been approved for a phone through Affirm and Visible (for the 2nd time in a year) has never honored the request and my orders disappear.  Why does Visible not want to fulfill my request for a phone?  Visible chat workers are friendly and all but no one ever knows what's going on??  So odd. Lol


Intermediate III

This has been an issue for long time with visible. I had similar problem while ordering phone from visible. I could not buy using my debit cards and ended up financing through Affirm. They had to delete all the information from my Visible account and then request to cancel the order from Affirm and then redo the order process again. It took me 2 weeks just to buy the phone. 

On your case, I would suggest you to ask visible agents to delete all the details from your account and request Affirm to cancel the loan and then after that you can apply for loan again and buy the phone with no issue. 


FYI: Do not create different  visible account for transferring the same phone number. MDN/phone number has to be unique with each Visible account. 

Please I am having the same issues! 

I have tried to order a phone 5 times, and its not working for me. I complete the order, and it gives me a confirmation order number, but I don't get a confirmation in my email, nor does it show up in my order history.

You said the solution was to delete all the details from your account?

hi there.


Can you please help me? I am experiencing the same issues. Whenever I complete an order it gives me an order number at the end of the process. However, it does not give me a confirmation email, nor does it show up in my order history. Its like I didn't order the phone.

You said the solution is having the agent delete all details from your account?