HI, I'm wondering if I purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, will it be compatible with my service through visible? I understand that there is an IMEI checker, but I don't want to but a $300 phone just to find out its not compatible. Thank you in advance!


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Yes, there is a compatibility checker after you select the plan you want. If you don't buy an android phone from Visible you maybe have about a 1% chance of it passing the IMEI checker and it showing compatible but that is not saying it won't work. If you are currently on Visible and have already upgraded to one of the new plans and have an activated card already it may work just fine moving the card into the phone since you only need the IMEI number to get a card. But I still can't say it will actually work though since I am not familiar with that phone and it being a 2019 model.


I just looked at the phone you mentioned, may I ask why you would be buying a discontinued phone that looks like it will be done getting updates later this year? $300 buys a decent newer phone. Maybe look to see how the Note 10 compares to the newer Samsung A23 at least you would have OS and security updates for a few years.


I have a Motorola phone and like it but I don't recommend them because I didn't do my research and found they only get 1 OS upgrade and 2 years security updates. My next phone will either be Samsung or Google but one of the lower end models whatever they will be in a year or two.

Because not everyone wants unproven, un-tested 5G signal being received and transmitted next to their groin.

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It's not "compatible" with the old network, but you can get it to work with the APNs provided on Reddit. I have heard that there may be problems and it might not work on the new Visible network though (which is required soon).