Group SMS/MMS not working

I cannot get "group messaging/texting" to work. It used to, when I was on Verizon, and nothing on my phone has changed. Now when I try to text into a group, each person gets an individual text. This is needs to be fixed.

Let me give a bit of history. My wife and I switched to Visible from Verizon, her on a personal account and mine on business line. We are both on iPhones and have verified our settings match. She can text to a group, mixed with iPhones and Androids. I cannot. I used to, but cannot any longer. This needs to be fixed. 

After several chat requests and following all the "Set this on, this off, reboot and repeat", I am sure this is not on my phone, but something on my account settings. I need this fixed.


Thank you



I have now had complete group threads disappear (all USA #s), and TXT messages not get through to international numbers that are supposed to be included. 


I now have conversations that sorta sometimes show up, but are gone from my conversation lists.


When waiting for support, they are ALWAYS "experiencing higher than normal care volume." Just what time of day is "normal?"


Getting really tired of this, and of these little glitches.