Grubhub driver promo not being honored


I signed up for Visible (a service I wasn't even aware of) thanks to a promotional email from Grubhub. (I'm a driver.) They promised $10 off the first six months and five dollars off after. I swear when I clicked on the link I saw a special page with the offer for Grubhub drivers specifically. I believe the price was $20 or $15 but it certainly wasn't $25. 


Yet I am being billed $25 and the support chatbot says I have no promos. I specifically clicked on a promo email and signed up on the promo page for Grubhub. (But weirdly, when I paste the link I was given in the email into a browser that is not signed into my Visible account, there is no mention of Grubhub.)


Anyway, here is a screenshot of my email. I am not sure what can be done now. I feel duped, to be honest. It's like I imagined the whole thing, but this email tells me I didn't. 

screenshot because I'm too ignorant to figure out how to get an image to display 


Intermediate III

I have been with Visible for 2 1/2 years. usually the promos Visible has are in the form of a code that you need to enter when joining. I have read on Reddit about some of these linked promos not working. The current deal for Visible is 35FOR6 for the plus plan which would have had to have been entered into the code box at checkout. That screenshot shows an old price of Visible, the basic plan was $30 started in September 2022 but as of the beginning of August the price was permanently lowered to $25. So that Grubhub promo doesn't even reflect the correct current pricing of the base plan.


I don't think you could find a better deal than Visible considering they offer truly unlimited plans, others have caps on data.