No Service Below 4g


I have been a Visible customer for many months and have had great service until now. I currently cannot get any service on Visible's Extended network. 5g and 4g works great as usual but as soon as I leave those areas nothing. No service In any extended network, any ware. Have worked with Visible to reset phone and redownload eSIM but no go. I have a physical SIM on the way to try. Has any one else had this kind of problem or any idea what this could be. Service worked perfectly up until last week. Wifi calling works great but phone is useless while driving.



Intermediate III

Only thing I can think of is to verify that Roaming Data is enabled in your phone's settings - sometimes settings are lost or revert to defaults during updates.


Had great Visible service until recently. Now, no signal in Extended network areas. Tried fixing it, but no luck. Waiting for a new SIM. Anyone else face this? WiFi calling is fine, but the phone's useless while driving. Need help.