How can I see the consumption of the 50GB of premium data?


Can you see how your premium data consumption is going? 


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Not sure if Visible as accounted for the fact that folks on the Visible+ plan need and indication on the app of how much premium data they have used & undoubtedly Chat may yield you don't need it your data is unlimited. If not available in the app for Visible+ it needs to be. But if not...

On Android you could leverage Settings -> Connections ->Data Usage -> Mobile Data Usage

You can establish your billing cycle and it will provide a breakdown of the usage for the period. Unfortunately, it includes all mobile data for the period, but the 1st 50 GB would be your premium data if looking to monitor if your under or over. One app that I've used before on Android is called GlassWire on Google Play Store.

Can't assist with iOS but Google Search is your friend or others here may know.