How fast is the data at Visible ????


I want to know how fast the data speed is in Visible plans in terms of Mbps. 


1) How fast is their data speed in the base plan ($25 perM) ? They say 9-149 Mbps but that is a huge range. 9mbps and very different from 149 mbps. Which is it ?? I need more clear info.


2) How fast is the data speed in the Visible + plan ($45 perM) ?? They say this plan includes "50 GB/mo of premium data on Verizon’s 5G & 4G LTE networks." But what does that mean ??? How fast is it in terms of mbps ??


If location effects data speed, I am located in Chicago. 


Visible is just estimating speeds. First off the base plan is all deprioritized so speeds would depend totally on how good signal is and how much traffic is in your area whether it is 4G LTE or 5G. The only way you could really know speeds on the base plan is to do the free 15 day trial on eSIM if your phone is capable of that and is a newer iPhone or an Android that is on the trial list.


The plus plan offers 50GB of priority data so you could get faster speeds versus the basic but again it would be dependent on how much post paid Verizon traffic is on the towers in your area. It also give you access to 5G UW and you could you literally hit 2000Mbps+ if available in your area. That data does not count towards your 50GB allotment. If you use up your 50GB of premium 4G/5G data you then are deprioritized just like the base plan.


I live in rural area top of MN an in a 4G LTE area only and I am on the base plans. My speeds during the day average around 30Mbps down a maybe 1Mbps up but sometimes less. Later hours when most are normally asleep in my area I can hit in the 40Mbps to 50Mbps range down and maybe upwards of 4Mbps up. No they are not the fastest speeds but plenty fast for this guy. Also, to point out towers are scarce where I live, I think I have 2 towers in opposite directions from me about 10 miles away. I get 1 to 2 bars where I am at and that does affect my speed also. If I am within a few miles of one of the towers I get signal from I have gotten over twice that speed and have on a couple occasions hit 160Mbps but that is rare when that close to the tower and has only happened twice.

Your answer is helpful thanks.

You're welcome!