International Roaming, Local SIM Cards & GPS in Finland, Sweden & Germany


I am taking a trip to Finland, Sweden & Germany this summer.  I have an iPhone 11 with the Basic Visible Plan.  I know that I have to swap in a "Local SIM Card", BUT:

- Where do you buy these cards?

- Are there different SIM cards for different Europe phone carriers...and if yes, which should I get for traveling in Sweden, Finland & Germany?

- Will my iPhone GPS work in these countries using the Local SIM card?  I want to use it to work with Waze for navigating.  Any advice here?


Thanks much in advance!!!



You are in luck that the iPhone 11 supports eSIMS, so you don’t need a physical SIM to access most other carriers.

Airalo and Ubigi are very popular eSIMS that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Ubigi even gives a free trial, although it’s a small amount of data.


Yes GPS works throughout the world. But you may need cellular service for Assisted GPS (in the mobile phones)


You could download offline maps app that may help in navigation sometimes in poor reception areas.


Most of these sim cards are available at the airport. Most of them are packed as tourist SIMs. I am unsure about the country you travel to.


Hope this helps.

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