Travel to Europe 2 esim


I am traveling to Germany soon. I have visible wireless on an iPhone 13 enabled through esim. Can I get an international data plan using esim, enable WiFi calling on visible, and use my phone in this way? I don’t want to use a physical sim. It would be two active eSIMs. 
will my apple Watch with cellular service still work with visible, or should I set it up with the international plan? 

thanks for your help 



Hi @byrdman1982 - Yes, you can set up a data eSIM in conjunction with WiFi calling on Visible and it will work.  However, I would encourage you to set up WiFi calling prior to leaving the states else you may run into complications.  In terms of your watch, you won't be able to use the individual data plan in Germany, you'll have to rely on having your cell phone with you and using the connection through your phone.

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Does visible sell international eSims? If so where/how do I buy one? I am also going to Germany (in the fall)