Cant make call to Japan

I chatted with Visible customer care and they informed I csn make international calls on my plan for no extra charge. 


So I dial the country in my case Japan. Im dialing the number correctly. 




I get this message


Long distance or international dialing is not included with your service. To inquire about adding long distance or international dialing please reach out to visible customer care for assistance. Announcement 906


So I have Visibile+ plan for $45 a month


I have chatted with Visible endlessly about this issue. They have a ticket out but still no reply.


I am using an xxxxxxx


They keep saying go to


Settings - Cellular - Data Roaming


and toggle it on but in Cellular I see no data foaming option. Only choice of eSims.  


Novice II

I've recently signup with visible plus. Encountering same issue with another country. My second ticket still in progress. Not resolved yet.