Issues with Visible reconnecting service


One week ago, my daughter's service was disconnected because I failed to update her account with my new CC (my fault and I own).  The phone was disconnected and we immediately updated the account with the new card and connected with the help desk.  The agent tried to correct the issue, but had to escalate it to the advanced tech support team.  We were told someone would contact us within 24hrs.  When this did not happen, I started to inquire via the chat desk.  I have done so approximately seven times (feels like the movie "Ground Hog Day") and have been told they are working on it.  Seven days later, still no resolution and I have a mid twenties daughter without a phone who goes into work at 10pm to this is becoming a safety issue.  Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, how long did it take to resolve?  Is there any hope or should I just drop Visible and move on to another service provider?



Jamesm, a quick search will sadly show you some people have issues with Visible's customer service. It is troubling, and here are my thoughts:


-Reach out to customer support and and explain that it has been seven days, and ask what can be done to expedite a resolution.


-You could ask if Visible can overnight you a new SIM card and see if that will help.


-You could message a Visible moderator here for help: 



-You could go buy a new SIM card and some air time, and use them in the phone until Visible fixes the issue.


-On Reddit, a Visible employee participates in the chats. You could try & message them for assistance: MVNOResearch (u/MVNOResearch) - Reddit


-You could file a complaint with the FCC

Filing an Informal Complaint | Federal Communications Commission (


I am sorry that customer service is jerking you around. Good luck.


Thank you. You have provided with with several new options to try!