Just wondering if anyone is going through the same thing


wanted to join a new service, visible seemed great, ordered the iphone 14 pro, was sent the WRONG phone, now I have loan and service that I have to pay for and I haven't even RECEIVED ANYTHING. I also tracked the tracking number and it says it is delivered I have been checking in with agents and agents told me the warehouse has received the package but it would take 15 days to fully return? or to scan? Have they all been sending a lot of wrong phones? I am wondering if anyone is in the same situation. And im very frustrated I understand that it is very hectic but I literally received nothing I am not paying for that. 



Im facing a similar problem. I just ordered my phone, 14 pro, and it was set to deliver today. FedEx guy left note that delivery was a failed attempt, while my wife was at home and even spoke to her. Now I’m trying to contact visible agent, but chat has been backed up the entire day and I have been repeatedly kicked out of the que. I am not having any success contacting the company either. I will continue to try. I hope that you finally receive your phone. 


I'm having a similar problem but my problem is that FedEx says that my address is incorrect and that someone told them I know longer live there. So, they sent the package back to Visible. I then spoke to Visible who said that they cant just issue me a new phone until they receive back the one they sent and they cant just send me a new phone then either. They said I have to get a refund and then purchase the phone again. This is crazy!