Multiple SIMs on one phone

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I did the Visible trial while on Verizon service. I have a physical SIM for Verizon. Then I switched to Visible and signed up for eSIM. Somehow now I have three SIMs on my phone.

- If I have the first SIM (from Verizon) turned on I can access voicemail but can't send texts.

- If I have the second one (eSIM) on I have the option to setup voicemail but then I get an error message, and no ability to send texts.

- If I have the third one (eSIM) on I can text and use iMessage but no access to voicemail and when I go to it the voicemail screen gives me the option to call voicemail, but I don't know my voicemail number.


Could someone help me? I'm way out of my league here and just want to be able to text and access voicemail. Do I need to delete two of the SIMs?



Following as I'm in a similar boat. When I activated my service it made me create a temp number and eSIM and even after I ported over my old number I have two SIMs on my phone and I'm not sure if I should delete the visible eSIM yet or not at all. 

I deleted the old eSIM, but it didn’t fix my issue. I logged in to chat with customer service from my laptop early in the morning (late at night might work too) and kept moving my mouse every couple of minutes to prevent my session from timing out. After about an hour it was finally my turn and Visible fixed all issue my husband and I had from set up!

Novice II

Does deleting your old SIM fix the issue 

No, but customer service fixed everything for me!