Need Help


I don't know where else to get help but I've tried getting help through chat in the app and online and I've tried social media as well but I can't get a response or my number never actually comes up in chat after waiting hours and hours. All I need to know is if my order actually went through? My bank shows I was charged for the order but I received an error message right after I clicked the place order button. The message said "error occurred please try again later". I'm very confused and a bit regretful that I signed up with this company. It's not good customer service to not even have a customer service number where customers can actually receive help with service, and from the looks of this "community" I'm far from the only one with this problem... 



Did you get an email with a tracking number for your phone?


If not, your best solution is to DM Visible on social media, and ask them. Good luck.

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No I didn't receive an email which is unfortunate bc this was supposed to be a gift for my daughter's birthday and considering the price of the phone (over $1,000) I don't have the ability to just order another one while I wait for visible to put my money back. This is all way too much hassle, next time I'm just gonna go to Best Buy or some place like that.