So Frustrated with Visible

Novice III

I'm having such a terrible time trying to become a Visible customer. So bad that I'm wondering if the savings is worth it. Where do I start?

Latest bug is that website won't accept my password. When I try to reset, link says something went wrong try again and the loop continues. Techs couldn't figure it out. Then system can't verify my address so they can't send me a sim card. Once I got as far putting in my Verizon info but website gives an error message. Does anything work?


Intermediate II

Sorry to hear your having such a hard time all I can say is you can ask for a live callback. once you get it figured out it should run smoothly.

Novice III

You are correct, kind stranger. I received my SIM card today. Yesterday I sat down in front of my laptop and worked out the other issues. Today I was mildly surprised how smoothly the activation process ran. So far so good...


Did you get this figured out?  I'm having the same issue.