No BYOD Bonus in June 2022?!


Has anyone had issues getting a BYOD promo from signing up in June?


I brought over 4 lines of my family and I and we have made like 5 months of payments but never received any credit for the BYOD promotion. I chatted with support but they were not much help, a facebook messenger chat said there was no promotion for the month of June (which is absolutely incorrect) and then further told me that it was only for people who purchased a phone even though my screenshots show BYOD qualifies.

You can see it on the site


Image links below

Also I joined based on a thread on slickdeals from June where people were talking about the current BYOD bonus.

Are there any visible reps that can help my family and I get our promotions? So far I'm not too impressed with the customer support of switching.


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If you read the fine print it does say "when you by a qualifying device". There is another thread on here about this exact same thing. They have these promotions every month, it changes by which devices have them but they all read the same with the same disclosure. They had these last year when I joined and I even bought a phone here that had a promo but of course I was excluded from the promo because I didn't port a number as I never had one to port. 


There is a reason why the rates are so low, that is because they have no phone number for customer service and a limited number of reps to handle chat.


I like the plan, the network area here is 4G and no 5G in sight but my location has a weak signal so that leaves something to be desired, the customer service is definitely the biggest drawback and I hate it. I will say if it wasn't for the cheap totally unlimited plan I still wouldn't have a cell phone.


I think it is a lost cause on the promos but good luck anyway.


I have the same problem and frustration with Visible, ported 2 lines in Aug and completed all required 3 payment, but when checked with Visible chat agent said no reward for BYOD, even though the website screen can prove they are wrong. But they said again it's some incorrect info on the advised promotion. Basically BYOD doesn't need to buy any phone from Visible, if this promotion publicly advised, how can Visible deny it and use an unbelievable excuse? Shame on Visible.

If you view the screen capture links posted by another member, it includes in the fine print "when you by a qualifying device.”  I haven’t found anything yet that specifically says BYOD and get a reward.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one encountering this issue, but still frustrated that it's happened. I also saved a screenshot when I joined in June and it said you "need to bring your own device or buy a new phone from the list below." That seems pretty clear to me. Why include the words "bring your own device" in the promo if it only applies to new phones?

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I wish I have read these posts before making a move to Visible. End of September, I saw the same exact promotion in the website for $200 giftcard when I switch to Visible with BYOD. I activated 4 of my family to Visible and now I only see $50 giftcard. Customer Service on Facebook chat blindly rejecting it saying it is "Up to $200" when the screen shot cleary says "Get a $200 gift card when you bring your own phone".  This is insane and cheating by falsely advertising to get customers and not accepting the offer. 

Yea the BYOD isn't what it use to be a year ago plus were all you had to do was bring your phone over if it would work with visible. The best thing you could do now ,since visible is month to month, is port your number out to a provider like ting for a month for their $10.00 plan plus the $1.00 for the simm. Then port your number back to visible making sure you use a new email address for a new account with the swap or new phone purchase at that time. If you do come back try going threw and you could lower your monthly bill by $5.00 a month. That would make up for the cost of porting your number out of visible to ting and then back again and then some. Also if you return any phone you just purchased you could save some money there.