Not receiving texts from Android


My iPhone 11 can send texts to Apple and Android but only receives texts thru iMessage - no android texts come thru. SMS & MMS is enabled. They have reset my e-sim multiple times, nothing works! I as Google this issue I find MANY Visible customers have these same texting problems. My question is simple:

With so many Visible customers having this problem how does Visible tech support not have EVERY AVAILABLE HAND working on this issue to fix it????

I even asked during my last exhausting chat session if I were to purchase a new phone from Visible would that solve my texting issues, and the agent replied “ I cannot guarantee this will fix the problem or that you will receive all texts”

They absolutely know there is an issue! And they are doing NOTHING to fix it! We get yanked around for hours on “chat” with NO RESOLUTION!

How can I even recommend Visible to anyone?!!!??


Novice II

I do get text replies on Android 13 phone. It does work on my pixel 4a. Tech support is not helpful enough in this process. You may need to reset your network settings and try again. 


Right now I can get text from all. Except no texts from the visible server when I want to change my address. 


Ordered a new sim in new $30 plan to see if it fixes the issue.