Not receiving two factor authentication codes at all

Novice II

All of a sudden I am not receiving two factor authentication codes at all.  Other texting seems to work fine.  I think I saw that others may be having this issue now too.  Any fix from Visible yet?




Visible has been having issues for the past couple of days.

Novice II

If you have to use the Chat feature for support. Try to do it on a PC rather than the App. The queue's can be hours long and the App will drop you and back to the end of the line you go. 
When you're within 50 people ahead of you you'll start to see where you are in the queue. That doesn't happen until the blue line has gone almost all the way across the screen. Then when you're within 5 people of being helped, you'll get a window that pops up and asks if you're still there. If you don't respond to that within about 30 seconds, you'll be dropped from the queue and you won't be helped. Click the Yes, I'm still here and then you'll be helped. It took about 10 minutes with the live person for them to reset my SMS communications after providing my IMEI numbers to them. I have NOT received any SMS messages that were sent during this outage. They said I would, but I have my doubts.

Lets face it, you're using Visible because it's cheap. The fact you can't talk to anyone sucks and their help queue's are horrendously long. We get what we pay for.