Bank app no longer works


I've had Visible for around 4 months. I have been unable to open my bank app. I've contacted bank, Google Play store, and TCL for support. Bank app has worked since beginning. I have virus protection to avoid being hacked. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache and data. My bank app works on tablet, husband's phone which is different and desktop. I have 2 factor authentication and after entering code it gives an error message and says to try again later. 



The issue that you are facing doesn't seem to be of Visible in my opinion.

What is the phone device model? I get clue from the post that the device is on android. Is the app up to date? Most of the times, banks need cutting edge security requirements that means the SW needs to be up to date. If you have a device with older version of operating system (android) then the app may not work depending on the bank's security requirements. Please give more information.


Another thing you could try is to uninstall the app, restart the device and reinstall the bank app on the mobile.



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