OnePlus 9 on Android 12 ver .40

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Home screenI do have to manually add APN or I do not get Network I am told it is being worked on but where did this push come from Visible chat  says they would have no idea 



I have been pulling my hair out trying to get service on my OnePlus 9 since taking the same update 24 hours ago. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!!!

Novice III

Im sure you figured it out by now but if not you need a NON visible SIM to do this 1. settings/mobile network/Sim/access point names/ delete what there and add 

  • Name: Visible Internet


  • MMSC:

  • MCC: 311

  • MNC: 480

  • APN Type: default,dun,supl,mms

  • APN Protocol: IPV4V6

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator Type: GID

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator Value: BAE1000000000000

  • Save by clicking checkmark
  • remove Visible sim and insert non visible sim until u see network bars. remove non visible and insert Visible sim wait til it finds network Dont reboot or you have to do it all over again

Worked great, but if you add it as a second APN instead of deleting the default one then the first (unused) one will get overwritten on reboot instead. That way the fix survives a reboot and we don't have to carry a sim card around.


I didn't have a spare SIM card, so I had to go down a different route.

On the 21st, OnePlus released version C.44 which seems to prompt my phone to update to C.40. Once I realized what was happening - that the update said version 11 C.40 and I thought this was Android 11, I thought I would have to downgrade to Android 11 from Android 12.


But before I did that, I downloaded the Oxygen Updater App from the Play Store and had it check for any applicable updates for my phone and download them. It can't install it for you if you are not rooted, it will tell you if you are/aren't and provide instructions. The instructions won't work on C.40 though as it isn't technically OxygenOS anymore. So you will need to download the local storage updater app from OnePlus here: OnePlus Local Update.


Once I did this, all of the APN's listed above auto populated and mobile services had returned. Hope this helps others still running into this issue.

Are you updated to C.47? If so, is it still working for you? I only started having issues when going to C.47 (although I don't know what I had before).

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.47 sadly required me to insert APN'S and do the sim swap and if I have to boot phone I have to do it all over the only way I can reboot is remove the SIM card reboot and then put it back if I reboot with a Sim in it I have to do the Sim swap and we insert the APNs