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Hello World πŸ˜‰


I just purchased Visible service and trying to activate it on my new Pixel phone πŸ˜‰


unfortunately I can't install app on my phone, what are my other options?


i understand physical sim is one of them, but i can also add "provider" through settings menu (or scan qr code), but where do I get that qr code?)


thanks in advance!


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No esim on android/pixel phones.


Only option is to order a physical sim by byod. You do need the visible app to activate. You can easily download that from the play store.

that's not true: there are MANY Android' phone that ARE support eSIM.

No I am saying no esim on VISIBLE for android/pixel.  Of course many support it but visible is iphone only for esim.

If this was true at the time it is no longer:




The response was unhelpful, the OP was asking for the QR code (which I don't think exists, because I'm looking for it too).

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Superuser Founder

Why can't you install the app on your phone?


Visible has three ways to contact support: chat, Twitter, and Facebook.


I have had the best luck with Twitter:




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